"Enthusiastic Marketing & Communication strategist

with a passion for

Art and Design."

Curious to know more ?

What do fast food, media, finance and high jewelry have in common?

At first glance, not much, but life has surprises in store for those who love challenges!

After a Master's degree in Political Science and a first job at McDonald's, I discovered the world of the Media and developed my no longer secret passion for storytelling.


A career in High Jewelry and Finance followed  acting as Head of Marketing, Brand Activation and PR. Throughout the various positions held, I have established and maintained a solid network amongst influential circles, especially in Switzerland.

Working with a strong network of multi-functional talents has allowed me to bring to life hundreds of projects and concept activations. I have hence been recognized for my ability to deliver high quality work even when having to deal with time and budget constraints.

I am Maria Antonietta, an enthusiastic Creative Thinker and MarComms Strategist with a passion for art & design and an extensive knowledge in the luxury, finance and media industry both in Switzerland and at international level. My passion for Storytelling resulted into two short stories.

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